Wednesday, January 22, 1997

"Of Myself I Sing"

Of I myself I will sing:
  Every time I make a bell to ring,
  An angel will receive at least one wing.
  Some say that I am funny, quite,
  To which I say: “You’re quite right!”
  For it’s of myself I will sing.

Of myself I sing:
  Whenever the doorbell or the phone has a ring,
  I rush to answer it because I
  Believe it is for the person of my.
  I am tall, and that’s no small thing
  Because it’s of myself that I now sing.

Of myself I have sung:
  A song of my intellect
  Will do, quite perfect.
  Since I have fun at the school on high,
  I have made just two B’s,
  The others have all been A’s to my.

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